Sunday, 21 April 2013

My first visit to the Lard's house

When my car pulled up to Rutch's house for the first time, my jaw dropped in awe. It was the most adorable house I'd ever seen; a yellow cottage surrounded by farm land and flowers. If only the lard was as pretty as her house.. Anyways, after I recovered from the initial shock, I ventured over to the front door and knocked. The lard answered IMMEDIATELY. I remember wondering if she had been waiting by the door for me to arrive, (I later found out that she had in fact been patiently waiting by the door for an unspecified amount of time). She decided to take me on a tour. Nothing strange about that right? Wrong. To my surprise it wasn't a tour of her house, but a tour of her cats. She has so many cats that they deserve a separate post. Once this "tour" was over, and I had been forced to pet about 8 cats, the lard told me with great excitement about the other things living at her house:
1. The lard
2. The Lard's human family
3. The Lard's cat family
4. Two horses
5. A bunny
6. A ghost.
That's right. The lard has a ghost in her house. I was a little taken aback to be honest, but I was fine wih it. I knew other people who believed they had ghosts in their house, and they were totally great people. So I guess I just assumed that the lard would be a great person too--the ghost was just an extension of her coolness. Oh, I was wrong. The ghost just adds to how odd my little old lard is.
What a cray cray lard of fat... I bet the ghost hates her.
XOXO, Cleatle

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